Resize Images in AppleScript

I really like Dr. Drang’s method of using sips for manipulating images. I set out to modify my FTP macro to include an image resize step. After a short bit of playing around I discovered that it’s very easy to manipulate images right in AppleScript. In fact, Apple provides services to add the necessary code to a script just by selecting the variable that points to an image.

Here’s the script:

tell application "Finder"

set this_item to get selection

set myPath to POSIX path of (this_item as text)

end tell

tell application "Image Events"

set this_image to open myPath

scale this_image to size 550

save this_image in myPath

close this_image

end tell

Here’s how easy it is. The first couple of lines just get the finder selection and places the path in a variable. Select that variable and right click.



Select the “Resize” script as shown. A window will pop-up asking for the desired size. That’s about it. Apple has made this very easy.