Video Entertainment I Have Enjoyed During the Pandemic

May 03, 2021 by Gabe | [mmd] |

After the decade long year we just had, I want to appreciate how good the escapism TV has been for me. There has been some dynamite TV and YouTube. Some of these predated the pandemic but are wonderful for a rewatch.


Altered Carbon (scifi)

The Witcher (fantasy)

Shadow and Bone (fantasy)

Middleditch and Schwartz (humor)


Fargo Season 1 (suspense)

How To WIth John Wilson (humor documentary)


Watchmen Series (drama)

Chernobyl (docu-drama)

Apple TV

Ted Lasso (humor)

Nomadland (drama)


The World According to Jeff Goldblum (humor documentary)

The Mandalorian (scifi)

WandaVision (fantasy)

YouTube Channels

I like cooking. It can be fun and educational but it can also be really boring. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of two YouTube channels that seem to star really nice people enjoying cooking. The things I’ve seen on these channels delighted me and also changed the way I cook. Seriously, velveting is next level stuff.

Kenji’s Beef with Broccoli

Garum Tasting History


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