Jupyter Notebooks at Netflix

September 10, 2018 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I love this Netflix blog post about how they use Jupyter notebooks.

I’m not an programmer but I do play one at work and I’m partial to using notebooks when I explore. Part of my day job is to develop the system architecture for a long term engineering effort. I fire up a notebook and start playing with AWS micro services.

My notes end up with the various cases I test, some notes, some sample data and results. Then I can archive the notebook for future reference.

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    This is a long and tedious post. It's not really about beer, rather it's about:

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    What a fun Python module and set of examples. As the name implies, it generates color scales but the neat trick is that it outputs HTML for viewing the colors.

    Here's a more extensive look at what it can do.

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    This is what it's like to be a nerd. As a computer-geek, my friends tend to think I have a lot of "answers" about computers. In reality, I spend more time making up problems than I do solving them.

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    Just a quick reminder for nerds that installed Yosemite. You probably need to reinstall a bunch of Python modules. If you use Paramiko, then you should also install the XCode command line tools first. You can install Paramiko and the dependent Crypto library manually, or through Easy_Install.

    Anyway, it's ...

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    I put Data Structures and Quantum Mechanics in the same bucket. They are both the absolutely most interesting details of their respective fields but I hated learning about them. Here's a reasonably nice introduction to data structures through Python.

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    Boy I know some people that will go nuts over these two libraries.1

    First up is the MusicBrainz Python library. Fuzzy disc look up from a python script! Very cool.

    Did you Marvel Comics has an API? Yeah, that's awesome. Here's a nice demo of using it ...

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    February 11, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

    My favorite part of this tutorial from PyPix is the context map. That's how I plan code projects too. I've always wondered how competent Python developers planned a complex library. This example walks through creating an FTP library and I found it very useful.