Taskmator 3.7 Update

August 11, 2017 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The best TaskPaper app for iOS was updated several times this summer and continues to improve and squash bugs. For the unfamiliar, Taskmator came out shortly after the death of the official TaskPaper iOS app. It steadily fixed long-standing bugs in the original app but then expanded with features like saved queries. The big update (3.5) in July brought tag coloring, link detection, and a large variety of formatting options. Update 3.7 was a bug fix and also removed the option to support the developer.


TaskPaper is such a flexible and easy syntax that I don't think I could ever just abandon it, even though OmniFocus is my primary task manager. When I'm planning a head-down work day, I enjoy quickly writing down my task list and adding some detailed notes. That's the primary way I use TaskPaper. It's a short-term punch list of things I need to do, plus some notes on how I want to do it. It's great for noodling around on a project and OmniFocus makes it easy to get a project out and into Taskmator.

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