Here Come the iOS 11 Updates

iOS is due out later today and apps are releasing new versions to add compatibility. Just a few that look good to me:

  • 1Password now provides Drag and Drop of user credentials out of the app plus Drag and Drop almost anything into the app.
  • Annotable gets Drag and Drop of images and text in and annotated image out
  • Dropbox adds support for the new Files app integration.
  • Notability with Drag and Drop of a large variety of object types
  • PDF Expert gets Drag and Drop of images from the usual places plus drag and drop emails from Spark if that’s your thing.
  • ScannerPro with Drag and Drop Support of images in and scans out
  • Textastic now has a new Document Picker plus you can drag a Git repo in from Working Copy to edit documents.
  • 1Writer gets Open in Place plus Drag and Drop

This is just a short list and I expect the releases to keep coming throughout the month. I still have my fingers crossed for Transmit and DEVONthink To Go.