AutoSleep Updated with New Views

January 16, 2017 by Gabe | [mmd] |

AutoSleep is an iOS app for analyzing Apple Watch movement data. You wear your watch throughout the night and AutoSleep applies some filters and analysis to provide insights about your wakefulness and quality of sleep. The convenience of AutoSleep is that I don't need to do anything other than wear my watch. There's no need to launch an app or tap a button, which makes it much more likely I'll actually use it.

The 2.0 update out this past week adds some new views into the watch data. The app correlates heart data with sleep as well as providing several different types watch data.


I'm still not a fan of the overall look of the app. The aesthetics of AutoSleep are a little rough, but then again, I'm using the app for the data analysis. I'd prefer a chart that's easier to read than the circular clock and intensity chart but it gets the job done. The linear timeline is much better for noticing wake time throughout the night which is the first step in realizing my dog snoring actually does wake me up.

AutoSleep | iPhone | $2