iCloud Calendar Spam

I recently enjoyed a new form of spam: iCloud calendar spam. No, it wasn’t a calendar invitation attached to an email. It appears to be from a source other than email.

Here’s the fact pattern:

A new event alarm was created in my primary iCloud calendar without my consent.

Spam Invitation

I did not accept the invitation.

There was no record of an email invitation in any of my mail folders, including spam.

I do not share this calendar with anyone.

Attempting to delete the message triggers a message to the sender, thus confirming my address is live.

Fortunately, there may be a solution that doesn’t involve burning iCloud servers to the ground.

iCloud (on the web only, because of course it’s not on the Mac or iOS) has a single setting to receive in-app calendar invitations. Whatever those are.

Turning off spam

Maybe I’m late to this in-app calendar invite game, but I had no idea this was a thing. This is not a game I wanted to play. What’s next, people will be sending invitations directly to my house. What is this insanity?