Competence and Imposters

February 04, 2016 by Gabe | [mmd] |

These were conincidentally back to back in my pinboard reading list.

Imposter Syndrome or Not by John Scalzi

Also also, with respect to novels and fiction, I had been a professional writer for fifteen years before my first novel was published, so I had a decade and a half (not to mention several non-fiction books published prior to Old Man’s War) to get used to the idea that writing was a thing I could do.

The Illusion of Competence by Rands

That’s the illusion of competence. By making it look easy, you fool them into thinking it’s not hard. And that’s a pleasantly aspirational idea. The idea that there is somehow magic that is going on to make the complex simple.

I think the people that sufer the most from Imposter Syndrome are the ones that imagine everyone else has more talent than experience. Anyone can create more experience.