Holiday Experiments The Wolfram Programming Language

Weeks before my holiday vacation, I refresh a long-standing list — my “things to try” during vacation list. This very Web site began life on that list. This year is no different and I thought I’d share them as I complete them. Today’s post is about the Wolfram Programming Language.

I wanted to learn at least the basics of the language because I think it’s one of the most impressive achievements in general-use computing this decade and I knew very little about it. I’ve had a free account since it first became available.

The development environment is very similar to IPython but that’s where the similarity ends for me. The language is more about programming knowledge than programming logic.

Here’s an introduction to the Wolfram Language from Stephen Wolfram himself:

Here’s a very basic introduction to the language:

These three courses were a solid introduction to the language and the programming style: