iThoughtsX Adds Support for Sorting and Safari Extension

June 26, 2015 by Gabe | [mmd] |

iThoughtsX for Mac just released a new update that adds a couple of nice features. The first is pretty big: user definable sorting.1

You can set sort order based on several criteria and the child nodes all rearrange from top to bottom. There's simple alphabetical sorting, but there's also much more advanced sorting based on meta data like due dates or the order they were modified.

iThoughts Sorting

If you are using iThoughts for task management (I'm not) this is pretty interesting. Even if you are just using it for outlines (I am) this is still a great improvement. Because sorting can be applied to an entire branch, I can easily edit a node to have it automatically put every child item into a specific order. If you are more comfortable working in outlines, this is a very familiar way to organize information. Sorting is available in both the App Store and direct purchase versions but not yet available for the iOS version.

The second feature is out for direct purchase customers as of today but I assume it's coming to the App Store very soon. The new Safari extension is a convenient way to capture web links right to a map. You can either links to the currently active map or hardcode a specific map in the extension preference.

Extension Preference

The links are created off of the current node using the page title as text. I use the research tools in iThoughts for iOS quite a bit so this is a welcome improvement to the Mac version. It's a small thing but very handy when doing a bunch of topical research.

iThoughtsX | Mac | $48 on the App Store

  1. This is rare with Mac apps, but you can purchase iThoughtsX from the App Store or as a direct download purchase. There's even a demo available.