Plex Update Adds Enhanced Music Support [Link]

May 02, 2015 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

Plex ended April with a rather significant update for music libraries. The latest update makes it easier to edit the music library and provides long awaited features like multi-disc support. But if you are a Plex Plus subscriber you also get enhanced meta data through Gracenote.

I gave up on using Plex for music because I didn't like the experience as well as my Synology Audio or iTunes Match. This update has prompted me to import my copious music collection back into Plex.1

All Plex users get the enhanced music support with better browsing, concert tour listings, music videos and better surfacing of suggestions.

The Gracenote fingerprinting is a great enhancement but only available to Plex Pass members. Thankfully I'm a lifetime pass holder because I really like the new meta data.

Fats Waller

  1. I run my Plex server from my Synology so it's less of an import and more of just pointing Plex to the existing music on the Synology. It still takes awhile to index a large music collection.