Podcasts for Your Brain

January 06, 2015 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Just a few podcasts I like. These seem to always get reprioritized to the top of my podcast list as soon as they come out. In no particular order:

You Are Not So Smart

Every episode is amazing. This week's episode discusses the potential primal origins of our value system. Each minute is like a revelation.

The Partially Examined Life

The best of philosophy. The topics are hard and the discussion is dense. It's much too smart for me. I recommend the Henry David Thoreau episode.

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

It's round table of experts talking about what they are care about. There's usually some talk of movie production mixed with science and shop work. The shop episode was one of my favorites.


Each episode is a mini-documentary about one criminal or crime. It's not anything like Serial. It's not a serialized crime novel but each episode is still compelling and well produced. Episode 11 was particularly good.

99% Invisible

This show is almost indescribable but I'll try. It's like when I was a kid and would randomly open a volume of the encyclopedia and pick one topic to research at length and for no purpose. The latest episode examines the history of the hash symbol all the kids are using.

I discovered several of these through personal and Twitter recommendations. Thanks to everyone and keep them coming.