More Stuff I Purchased from Amazon that Wasn't Complete Crap

Amazon is great but there’s a bunch of junk and a few gems. Occasionally I share some of the good stuff.1

I learned about Work Sharp knife sharpener from Cool Tools and it’s perfect for a cook that wants razor sharp knives but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time sharpening them. $64

Weber FireStarters are ridiculously good for starting a wood-burning fireplace. It only takes 2-3 little cubes to get the wood really burning good and for a little over $3 for an entire pack, it’s more economical than those paraffin and wood chip starters. I have a stack of 12 boxes ready for the winter. $3.29

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments looks like it’s for kids, but really it’s for anyone that’s self-deluded. $11.50 for hardcover and $8 for Kindle

The CURB is a small non-skid prop for a laptop. It’s cheap at $10 and does a perfectly adequate job of keeping my rMBP at an incline. $10

Holy moly is the SanDisk 16GB Ultra Fit super small. You can barely tell it’s attached. $11 is pretty cheap too.

The Range Kleen is just a dumb battery organizer. But it has a built in battery tester too. Honestly, this felt like genius when I finally cleaned up our drawer of batteries. $13.97

FRIEQ is a waterproof carrier pouch. It fits an iPhone. It was pretty great at the beach. $10

Clover Killer. It works and if you use it according to the instructions, it doesn’t kill the grass, but burns the clover out of the lawn. $11.75

Poweradd USB backup battery is a 10,000 mAh battery with one 1 A USB port and one 2.1 A USB port. It’s about the size of a thick iPhone 6 Plus. I particularly like the charge indicator for how much juice is left in the thing. $26

Intel 120GB SSD. This is a very reliable drive and makes a perfect external boot drive over Thunderbolt. It’s also one of the best options for an SSD cache on a Synology. $70

The HighPoint Dual Port Thunderbolt Dock is a great little dock for naked disks. It’s fast even if the eject button is a little weak. This is what I use to boot with the SSD from above. $190

  1. Of course they’re affiliate links. I’m building an empire with one nickel a week. ↩︎