Dictate Out of a Spelling Hole

December 01, 2013 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Here's another dumb tip that's too good to not love. I don't dictate much1 but when I need to know how to spell a common word on iOS or my Mac, the easiest way to look it up is through dictation.2

On a Mac running Mavericks, enable off-line dictation in the preferences. Use the Enhanced Dictation option for best results. Also be sure to check which microphone source you are using.

Then, when I forget how to spell "connoisseur" for the 100th time, I double tap the Fn key to start dictating and then single tap again when I'm done.

This also works great on iOS.

  1. David Sparks would be disgusted. 

  2. Because, let's face it, if you have no idea how to spell it, it's a real pain to look it up in the dictionary.