DEVONtech Needful Things Sponsor

I want to thank DEVONtech for sponsoring this site and for giving away great software.

NOTE: DEVONtech is having a sale through Monday Dec. 2nd. Get 25% off all of their software. That’s a rare offer and it’s a good deal. I almost wish I didn’t already own everything they sell.

That’s right, DEVONtech gives away some nice software that you can download every day for free:

  • EasyFind for complex boolean searches for files in the Finder
  • PhotoStickies to put any photo, including a webcam, in a floating window on your Mac
  • ThumbsUp makes Web site thumbnails fast
  • WordService is a system service for manipulating text
  • CalcService lets you use most Apple applications as a quick calculator
  • Blueservice lets you send text from apps on your Mac to any Bluetooth compatible device

I’ve used EasyFind many times and it’s powerful. There’s no indexing required and all of the great DEVONthink boolean operators like NEAR and BEFORE are supported. In addition, EasyFind can look inside packages or inside many different text based files like plists and shell files.

So why tell you about all of this great free software? Because I think DEVONtech is great for making it and giving it away. There’s something special about a company that’s been around as long as DEVONtech. It’s also inspiring when they make my work a little bit easier without asking for a penny in exchange.

So, if you’re like me and prefer to buy software from great indie developers then I bet you’ll want to check out what DEVONtech has to offer. If you think their free software is good, just wait until you see how awesome their premier paid software is.