Bookmarker Macros for Editorial

This pair of macros for Editorial brings a whole new level of bookmarking to text files on the iPad. Ever want to bookmark a specific spot in a text file or remember where you left off editing a text file in Editorial? Me too. So, I created this pair of fairly simple macros.1 Here’s a little demo:

Bookmarker for Editorial from Macdrifter

The first macro saves the current text selection to a text file named EditorialBookmarks in the Dropbox file storage. I chose this design for very specific reasons. I wanted my bookmarks to be transportable from one iPad to another if I get a new device. I also wanted to be able to see exactly what was in my bookmarks file by just looking at the plain text.

Editorial makes this easy with a single action named Get Bookmark URL which generates a string that represents the current document and text selection:


Adding a bit more usefulness to this, the Save Bookmark macro also saves a name for the bookmark and appends it all to a bookmark text file.

The partner macro presents a list of the bookmarks in the bookmark text file. Tapping one opens the bookmark and selects the previous range.

Download the Save Bookmark Macro

Download the Open Bookmark Macro

  1. Yeah, that’s the beta of an upcoming redesign of Editorial. Things may change before the official release, but Ole thinks it’s cool if I show it like this now. ↩︎