Why Google is Testing Encryption of Drive Consumer Data Link

From USAToday:

“Google is concerned about the impression left with many people that it actively cooperated with the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance program,” says John M. Simpson, director of Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project. “They want to show that your data can be protected from government snooping”

My greatest hope is that privacy becomes a feature. We’re passing out of the generation of “share everything” and into the generation of “oh shit, I need to get a job, credit and insurance”. We can argue of Snowden and the release of high security information, but I am grateful that it may force technology companies to take data encryption seriously. More importantly consumers are starting to as well.

But don’t forget:

Keep in mind, the government t[sic] can and does demand the keys when needed. Encrypting so that only the user has the key, and even Google can’t access the data would make it very hard for the government to make wide scale requests.

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