JSON Designer App

JSON Designer is another nice little developer utility. It’s not earth shattering but it is useful.

At a most basic level, JSON Designer provides an interface to visually create and dissemble JSON structures. The interface is attractive and easy to orient. It feels a lot like iThoughts HD but for JSON.

Objects and attributes can be selected by tapping and oriented by dragging. New JSON are imported in a couple of different ways. The most simple way is to import JSON by pasted text. Alternatively, a url to an existing service can be pasted to get the full definition. JSON Designer provides easy access to many of the most popular services like Spotify.

Results are exported through the iOS “Open In” dialog or Email. There is also an option to export to www.ubrapi.com which does not to be ready for public use yet.

JSON Designer is nice. It’s interesting to examine common web data structures. If I ever have another need to look at or design JSON I’ll use this app.

JSON Designer | Universal | Free