The New Day One and Creating Memories

It's the perfect convergence. There's a great new update to Day One and there's a memorable article by Dave Caolo.1

Check out Shawn Blanc's and the MacStories reviews of the new Day One.

My review of the new DayOne:

It's Facebook for people that think important and personal memories are made special by being personal. It's Facebook for people that hate Facebook.

Things like this great story from Dave Caolo are what makes Day One so special.

My wife, who is a good person and who doesn’t have a vindictive bone in her body, shot me a look that said, “One more word and I will throw you underneath this train.”

For the record, my Time Travel post is my favorite thing I have written on this site.2 I don't journal to remember what I had for dinner on July 30th, 2012. I journal to remember the expression on my daughter's face when she first discovered singing into a spinning fan. I journal so my memories can become her memories.

Day One is still a great app.

  1. I think these are related. One is an app to capture memories and the other is about a memory worth capturing. 

  2. My favorite things I have ever written are probably in DayOne and I am not interested in sharing them with anyone other than my daughter.