Terpstra Day

Today, I'd like to publicly thank someone that has made my life easier. Brett Terpstra is a force of nature and has produced1 and given away more stuff than just about anyone I know. For the uninitiated, here are some highlights of Brett Terpstra:

  1. He makes Marked for the Mac
  2. He gives away Marky
  3. He gives away the Blogsmith Bundle for TextMate
  4. He gives away the WordPress Markdown plugin
  5. He works on NVAlt
  6. He gives away Markdown system services
  7. He gives away the best iOS text editor comparison anywhere in the world
  8. He gives away his TextMate-WriteRoom tweak
  9. He gives away his TextExpander snippets
  10. He gives away his Lorem Ipsum generator
  11. He gives away PromptDown the Markdown teleprompter
  12. He gives away his Geeklets
  13. He gives away his Key Bindings
  14. He gives away Gather his HTML to Markdown tool
  15. He gives away Read2Text
  16. He gives away Instapaper Beyond for Safari
  17. He gives away his knowledge tools
  18. He gives away his key command cheat sheets
  19. He gives away his TaskPaper scripts
  20. He gives away his Sublime Text Markdown Tools

That's just some of what Brett makes. He still has time to write over at TUAW

He's also a very nice person on his blog and Twitter. He rarely has a negative word to say about anything, which makes his corner of the internet a pleasant place to hangout.

Now he has an excellent new podcast at 5By5.tv named Systematic.

Oh yeah, he also has a day job working at AOL.2

With all that Brett gives away, there's seldom a mention of the few ways to thank him in a meaningful way. The best way I can think of is to use his donate link. The next best way is to gift his app, Marked, to someone I like.

If you need help finding his donate link, go to his site and scroll down until you see it on the right, just under the Marked logo. Boom.

Anyway, Brett makes my internet and Mac better. Thanks Brett. Have a kick-ass birthday.

  1. Visit his code page for a more complete rundown. 

  2. I'm still not entirely sure that "Brett Terpstra" is one person. It's possible it's a pseudonym for a Bulgarian troupe of hackers traveling the backwoods of Wisconsin speaking only in Markdown.