1Password on the Mac App Store

July 17, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Roustem Karimov of AgileBits tweeted that the latest 1Password update was rejected for sandboxing entitlements. The direct purchase version was set as end of life about nine months ago. I recall the massive forum discussion about the decision to take 1Password MAS only. I converted to the MAS version in March to get on-board with their product roadmap. Now I see that it is available again as a direct download purchase and @roustem confirms it will receive the next update soon.

It's going to be a bumpy road for the next few months with MAS apps. I guess it's time to switch back to the non-MAS version of 1Password for me.

This is the MAS as I see it: It is not for utility apps or power users. Apps like 1Password, TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro should all be purchased directly from the developers site.1 The MAS is for people afraid of using a computer. I applaud Apple for taking the fear out of technology. I also will not purchase my utilities from the MAS. Apple may be happy to have the nerds along for the ride, but they are not their target market. Normal people that just want to use a few apps and don't care about tweaking their experience are Apple's new target demographic.

As someone that is a power-user, you might think that I am upset with the Mac App Store. I am not. I have seen no indication that Apple plans to block traditional application installs. In fact, GateKeeper has been designed specifically to support user installed software. If it means I can still use my Mac the way I want and I need to provide less technical support to my friends and family, I'm thrilled with the changes.



The App Store update came out today after all. I'm still switching to the direct download version. If they are both supported, I know which version will not be rejected by Apple.

  1. For many apps that is the only choice now.