June 28, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Ben is surprised that the shareholders are ok with the Google mentality of giving so much away (I doubt he is. It's just a literary device). I think it is a brilliant and terrible strategy. Let me put on my tinfoil hat for a bit.

Here's the Google business in a nutshell:

Monitor your curiosity

Monitor your email

Monitor your business documents

Monitor your investments

Monitor your reading habits

Monitor your medical records(shutdown now)

Monitor your phone calls

Monitor your web browsing

Monitor your trips

Monitor where you go

Monitor what you buy

Monitor the apps you use

Monitor the music you listen to

Monitor your entertainment

And now...

Monitor what you see and hear.


Build a logical model of how you make decisions and sell ads to leverage that model. It's simple1 and lucrative. It's also not a future I am looking forward to.

For anyone jumping up and down about how everyone is trying to do the same thing:

Yes they are. Still doesn't make me like it any more. I'd rather pay for a service that is trying to sell me more of their hardware, than get a service for free that is trying to sell me more of everything.

I have one departing question.

Even if I think Google will be responsible with this massive amount of data2, do I think that anyone else that gets a hold of the data either legally or illegally will be responsible?3

  1. It's not simple to do. It's simple to understand. It's actually a masterpiece of programming logic. 

  2. I do not. 

  3. For the rhetorically challenged, the answer is "No".