Auto Resize Images in Acorn

March 17, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The downside to the new iPad retina display is that screen captures are huge. Rather than continue to fuss with manually resizing and changing the image resolution, I've created a macro to do it for me.

The AppleScript uses Acorn to do the file resizing (which is what I use manually). Acorn is highly scriptable and perfect for automation. I'm a big fan.

tell application "Finder"

    set these_items to the selection

    set myFolder to (POSIX path of (target of the front window as alias))

end tell

repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_items

    set this_item to (item i of these_items) as alias

    tell application "Acorn"

        open this_item


        set shortName to name of document 1

        set w to width of document 1

        tell document 1

            if w > 700 then

                resize image width 700

            end if

            resize image resolution 72



        end tell

    end tell

end repeat

I trigger this script with Keyboard Maestro after selecting the files in the Finder.

Macro Setup

You want to know something great about Acorn? Gus Mueller makes it and he is pretty awesome. He provides a good amount of training material but also has a good sense of humor.

Run this bit of applescript to get a nice surprise

tell application "Acorn"


end tell

Acorn has a "taunt" function. Come on. That's awesome.