Adding a Graphic Header to the Cleanr WordPress Theme

March 24, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Blogging about blogging. It's not that interesting but it might help someone and it will certainly help me when I need to do it again someday.

Look up there at that logo. Nice work by Aaron Mahnke at Wet Frog Studios. The next bit was to get the image into the WordPress header. I followed the guide here.

It worked for the most part, but I decided to try inserting the image using the PHP code rather than using CSS background image.

I resized the image to a height of 93px and adjusted the css height to 100px. I also added some padding and margin to the header because it looked nicer to me. Here's the bit of CSS.

#header {

clear: both;

padding: 12px;

margin: 5px auto;

height: 100px;

I'm still not completely happy with the layout. There's still a lot of wasted space and I don't like the navigation elements. If the site looks odd occasionally, it's because I'm actively breaking it and changing things I don't fully understand. Anyway, blogging about blogging is totally boring until you need it.