Waiting for OmniPlan

January 12, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I typically shy away from standard project management tools and mantras. I think most of it is a bunch of marketing gimmicks to sell software and seminars. However, I do get significant value from a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). A WBS is kind of like a todo list for a large project. A WBS can be as simple as a list of tasks or it can include assignments, timelines, predecessor task assignments, etc. A fully elaborated WBS can be easily transformed into a Gantt chart.

For work, I have to use Microsoft Project to build a reasonable WBS. It's awful. Every week I eyeball the OmniGroup page for OmniPlan looking for an announcement that it is out for iPad. Every week I'm disappointed. I'd love to move to OmniPlan and I'd pay the high price for an application that actually works the way I do. I'm willing to wait for a great experience. Well, off to reload the OmniPlan page again.