Pseudonyms, Trolls and the Battle Over Online Identity [Link]

January 10, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Ben Brooks:

"...these are, I think, the same people that have great insight to add through emails that I receive."1

Again, I think this depends on your perspective. Some craft a site to be a megaphone. Some craft a site to be a discussion. Everyone is entitled to their own expectations for a site they run and pay for. In my opinion, if comments are all sequestered in an email inbox, they're not very valuable to anyone other than the recipient. I actually prefer comments to be public and in context on this site. Expecting disconnected sites to be a conversation is just silly to me.2 Maybe it's the value of comments from plebs that is in question. I know I have stopped sending comment email all together. The absence of a comment form tells me all I need to know about the perceived value of my input.

  1. I wonder what those comments were. I wonder if they provided additional insight or value. 

  2. Hey look at me! This post is a conversation. No. Actually, it is not.