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January 04, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I always say, "to each their own" and think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also appreciate that people like Marco and Matt have a large number of visitors that are probably pretty vocal. More than I do, I'm sure. But I'm not a fan of killing off comments. I don't mean unfiltered comments where every troll gets their say, but rather well curated comments are also part of the content.1

Have you ever read the comments on Dr.Drang's site? They're very good. How about Brett's site? Also good stuff. I've learned a number of interesting things from comments on my site as well. For me, comments are the difference between having a conversation and having a soap box. If turning off comments is what it takes to have great reading material from Marco and Matt, then so be it. I'd be disappointed if the trend continued on sites like or

Edit: Sorry for the poor writing. I guess I was a little from-the-hip on this one.

  1. Hence my "About" page urges comments but also quotes Will Wheaton: "Don't be a dick"  
  2. I appreciate the irony that I am using my blog to make a comment about Matt's post, precisely as he would prefer. But it's unlikely an average reader of Matt's site will ever find this comment, so it's not really part of the conversation.