Some OmniFocus Macros

June 30, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

In light of my previous post about controlling my work environment with Keyboard Maestro, I thought I would share a few more handy macros for OmniFocus.

Clean and Sync

This is a pretty simple macro. Most of the work is done by two lines of AppleScript. The macro tells OmniFocus to clean-up the front window and then perform a sync. It's simple but handy.

OF Sync Macro

Get to the tasks

This one I use whenever I sit down at my Mac to clear some tasks out of OmniFocus. I have a OF Perspective that is for when I am at my Mac. The perspective has a hot key set for triggering it. This KM macro does a few things. It brings OmniFocus to the front and then executes the Clean and Sync macro shown above and then simulates the key combination to activate the perspective. Finally, it moves the window to take up the left half of my primary monitor.

OF Mac Macro

Todo Files

I posted previously about my Mail rule that can automatically create an OmniFocus task for an attachment and share the file with a link through Dropbox. It's pretty handy, but at the end of the week I need to process those tasks and files. I do it often enough that I created a simple macro that just opens the finder to the folder in Dropbox. That's it. I said it was simple.

Todo File Macro